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I create delicately layered installations from printed and cut paper. My imagery evokes biological forms and landscape, reflecting on the accumulation of memory and experience, and the interior and exterior worlds of the human body. I cut, fold, layer, and form the hand-printed paper into three-dimensional objects that engage with the architecture of a space. I construct tubes, pipes, and balls brimming with fluid-like stands of paper as a metaphor of the cycle of the body, industrial machinery and natural phenomena, as well as the endless processes of growth and decay. Highlighting the contrasts between the joyful tropical fantasies of landscape vis-a-vis a land brashly invaded by fragments of American suburbia, I respond to the architecture of the gallery space while reflecting on experiences of loss and absence.

My process begins with examining and researching the site of installation. I start with many sketches and drawings built upon close inspection from landscapes to biological forms about the penetrability and vulnerability of the human body. I experiment with traditional printmaking to push the boundaries of the medium and explore three-dimensional space. The process involves transforming the characteristics of the material by reacting opaque Hanji with batik. Thin sheets of beeswax are ironed onto the prints, obscuring the images underneath. By folding, cutting, flipping and overlapping, images are gradually transformed away from identifiable objects. By densely layering the imagery, I reflect on the accumulation of memory and experiences.

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