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Photo: William Patterson University, Wayne, NJ.

Screen printing and woodcut on hand waxed paper, honeycomb party balls, Styrofoam and plastic pipe insulation.

I created the installation to delineate the boundary of inner and outer domains of body.


Constant inward and outward movement of tide represent the rhythms and cycles of organism such as breathing, heart beat, healing, and life and death.


Repetitive fluctuation of two opposite action (up/down, and in/out)-my recent exploration about the boundary between contrast happens (opaque/transparent, fragile/protective, vulnerable/recoverable, and oblivion/memory.


I blended ready- made materials (commercially manufactured party balls and Styrofoam pipes)with hand printed natural images, highlighting contrast between joyful tropical fantasies of landscape vis-à-vis a land brashly invaded by fragments of suburbia.

Goh_Tai Hwa_02 copy
Tai Brochure-07
Tai Brochure-11
Goh_Tai Hwa_05 copy
Goh_Tai Hwa_04 copy
Goh_Tai Hwa_12
Goh_Tai Hwa_03 copy
Tai Brochure-14
Tai Brochure-13
Goh_Tai Hwa_01 copy
Tai Brochure-12
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